I have been working as a researcher for a while and life at the office and laboratory can be a bit boring at times. After that first cam experience with the Swedish guy I finally found a way to release my sexual desires. Growing up in a religious family where this kind of stuff is…


After graduating from university I got a job as a researcher. At work, I normally eat in the cafeteria for lunch with officemates, but that day Mom had made lunch for me so I ate in the office kitchen. Full and nothing to do, I went online for a quick talk to people I dont…


IMG_5558Call me Cherry, I was born in one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. I knew at a very young stage that I have a strong curiosity about sex. I was 11 when I first read a short novel by a local author with sexual contents described in detail. I can always remember that feeling, it felt like I was the main character, felt it for real and finished the novel with damp underwear. I became more curious with the opposite sex, I started looking at men and would imagine the scenario in the novel I read. I became curious with my private parts. I would look at myself naked in front of the mirror and stare at my pussy and breasts and touch feeling the radiating sensation from my pussy to every cell of my body. Yes at an age of 11 I started touching.

At high school when I get to have my own room every night before bed I will touch and imagine thinking any man I see sexually interesting. We were kissing softly as his hands caressing my breasts and pussy, squeezing and rubbing them lightly, sliding his cock inside me. I sleep with a beating pussy. I even imagined having sex with my high school economics teacher.

At 16, after the first time I watched porn together with high school buddies on a sleep over, I decided to shave my pubic hair seeing lovely looking, clean and smoothly shaved or waxed pussies. Wondered how it feels having no hair again down the south? I shaved and found the answer, my pussy became more sensitive to touch, it felt light, it made me feel naked but I loved the feeling. I enjoyed more touching at night time.

I haven’t had any boyfriend in high school or in college. My dad was very strict and wanted me to focus on my studies and specifically told me not have boyfriend yet until I finish college. Being an obedient child I obeyed what he wanted as I know it will be for my future to focus on my studies first before other things. However, that didn’t stop me from my sexual imaginations and fantasies. At night I will rub my cunt feeling my wetness as I think of my crush in college. I would squeeze my breasts, before sleeping thinking about random nice looking guys I see in the university cafeteria. I watched more porn especially masturbation and learning how to do self-pleasure, where to touch, how to touch it to bring out the best sensations.


At 18 I don’t even know what the feeling of cumming is. One night in my room, I watched a porn and got into a really horny mood and got so curious how it feels to cum. Naked under the sheets I opened my legs and started rubbing my pussy, I squeezed my tits and gently pinched my nipples, I rubbed my clit more searching for that heavenly feeling my friends who had sex told me. The feeling down my cunt got more and more intense as I rub faster and harder until I felt this explosion inside my cunt, my muscles inside tensed and felt a volt of electricity flowing inside my body and felt waves of intense pleasure and warmth inside my cunt. I didn’t move for a while until all my muscles relaxed, it was a heavenly feeling and I asked myself is that the feeling of cumming. The feeling was heavenly and I felt that tingling feeling that radiated from my pussy to every cell in my body.

The ever curious me started searching how it feels cumming and read a lot of information about it, and yes, I finally know how cumming feels like, well clitoral cumming. I read and watched more remembering how it was done, looking at their facial expressions, listening to their moans and in every night I touch I did exactly the same.

After being overloaded with information and ideas, one night, I finally got the courage to finger myself. I watched several video clips of women fingering and got into a really horny mood. I stripped my clothes off and face the mirror. I have a body that can’t be categorized as sexy, a typical Asian, petite, small breasts with dark brown nipples. I lay down comfortably on the bed, relaxed and closed my eyes. Started with gentle touching, running my finger from the tip of my chin going down to my neck and in between my breasts imagining my crush in college, Matt, doing it. Then I gently squeezed both my breasts, squeezed more and in circular motion I ran my finger around my dark nipples until it got hard and taut and pinched lightly before moving to my pussy. I had it shaved in the shower and it felt so smooth, I rubbed the top of my pussy with my four fingers very lightly almost not touching it feeling that electricity-like sensation crawling in the inner parts of my pussy. I opened my legs wide, my pussy lips followed exposing my clit, rubbed it like the way the women did in video clips I watched, the feeling was wonderful. I circled my middle finger around my hole and felt the wetness then slowly inserted it in.


 I pushed deeper very slowly and started to feel a bit or pain and resistance in my mind, however, I am so determined to do it and know the feeling. I knew it would hurt at first time and I am prepared. I pushed farther in, felt the pain, stopped, let myself got used to the pain then pushed further in, sliding in was easy I am so wet, it get more and more sore but not excruciatingly painful even after I pushed in deeper. I let my finger stay there for a while, feeling the wetness, slide in and out very slowly and gently, I felt it sore but was painfully good. I didn’t cum and decided to pull it out slowly. I looked at my finger and see blood, not a lot. I wiped and got washed. In the room I looked at the mirror right straight into my eyes and hand on my pussy  “I JUST POPPED MY CHERRY”.