yoni1I had my first sexual experience and that is with my man. He is my first in everything when it comes to sexual things. The first man who has ever touched my intimate and private parts. Before I met him I had never engaged in any casual sex with anyone. Even though I am a very sexual person and fantasise a lot about sex I have strong principles that I will only do and share that intimate moment with the man I love. As our relationship progressed, I have learned a lot of important things from him, he taught me many things. There are beliefs I had that have changed and understood a lot of matter that my mind was not even open to for discussion. I became an open-minded person and learned to open up the things that I thought are not supposed to be discussed. I have learned the big difference in making love and fucking.

At the beginning I wasn’t a very open person with my man regarding my sexual thoughts. Until one day I asked him about his sexual experiences before me. Has he tried threesome or has he tried sucking a man or has he tried casual sex. It then came to a point that he asked about me, he knew at the beginning that sexually he was my first, so he asked about my fantasies. I told him about my fantasies of having a threesome and doing it with another woman. I have read Fifty Shades of Grey and wanted to try the things that they did like the dominant and submissive relationship. I told him my fantasies of having sex in a public bathroom, in a park, at the beach, in a pool or getting fingered in an elevator or a taxi, and flashing in public. Honestly, I have a lot of things that I wanted to try and experience and at the beginning I was hesitant to be vocal about these things to him as I do not know the depth of his understanding. I know he is a very open person but I have no idea how far he would let me go and do things I have not experienced before him. I consider myself the luckiest woman alive having a man who is very understanding and open with my thoughts. For us, we can do anything we want as long as we know the limits and before we engage or do things we want to do we discuss it and discuss again after the experience. The most important thing for us is at the end of the day, we sleep, we cuddle and kiss and wake up together in the morning loving each other more.

Even though I have a lot of fantasies, I never knew about the existence of a Yoni massage. I have probably seen it in porn clips I watched but not aware that it is actually a Yoni massage. One time it came up in the discussion and I got curious about it and said to him I want try it. So we went on to craigslist and did a post looking for a Yoni masseur. I must admit that I am very, very choosy, it will be a first and I want it to be a very good experience and equally he was very choosy as well for me. We got quite a lot of replies and being very picky, we didn’t really end up in choosing one and the idea went out of my mind. However, what I did not know is that my man had secretly arranged for one. We were on a holiday and one night after dinner he told me that a Yoni masseur will arrive in 30 minutes. I was shocked, my heart started beating fast. I was nervous and excited at the thought of getting a Yoni massage, being touched by another man. So I sat on the sofa and waited for the longest 30 minutes of my life. (Next adventure: YONI MASSAGE: PART 2)





IMG_7480I have several naughty ideas in mind to do with my Venus Balls but I have no idea that my man had a lot more in mind. We went out on a holiday and one afternoon we are getting ready to go shopping and just before we left he called me into the bedroom. I went in and I looked at him and saw this naughty little grin on his face with one of his hands holding something that I can’t tell what is in them. I asked what is it and he told me lay down on bed. Being aware that he has something in his hand I did what he told me to do. He walked to the end of the bed and sat there, not saying anything he parted my legs and caressed my inner thighs. He asked me to lift my ass up and not looking I lifted up as he pulled my underwear off. His hands wandered around my legs and parted them. I can feel myself getting wet wondering what he will do next. He first started playing with my pussy hole his finger circling around it sliding half of it in then out spreading my pussy juice around it. I am surprised when he rested something cold and round just right into the opening of my hole, I lifted my head and looked, his middle finger supporting the Venus Ball on my hole. Our eyes met and slowly he pushed the ball in with his middle finger. He took his finger out and took the second ball. I opened my legs wider ready for it but to my surprise he put it inside his mouth first wet it and pushed it inside me gave me a quick lick and put my underwear back on and said “Ready for shopping?”. Oh My Gee, I will go out in public with the balls inside me. The thought made me crazy I was hesitant at first thinking that it might slide out but I wanted to give it a try and see how it goes.

I was feeling worried at the start in case the ball fall out. I noticed that most of the time we were wandering around the shopping center he was behind me. I will stop from time to time when I can feel a ball sliding out to squeeze it back in. And he had fun watching it. I can’t wait to get back home to take the balls out as it has been in there for a while. We arrived back at the hotel and it was almost dinner time and I am feeling a little hungry. I went straight to the bathroom to take the balls out but he told me to keep them in but take my underwear off. We went down to the hotel restaurant and had dinner there. After dinner he said he wanted coffee and I was hmmmm and suspected that he wanted us outside with my balls in and no underwear. Although I am used to going out without underwear having balls that can possibly fall out any moment is a different feeling. I was turned on but a bit worried at the same time. And the whole time we were out the balls seemed to move every time I move teasing me inside.

As we were sitting down enjoying our coffee I thought of getting back at him. I am glad it was a knee-high coffee table and perfect for my revenge. He was wearing a loose shorts and I knew he is not wearing underwear as well. I am glad I am facing the wall and not the restaurant. So while we are talking I opened my legs in the middle of the conversation. He stopped, looked at me and I can see that he is starting to go uncomfortable as he is starting to get hard. It will be very noticeable with his shorts. He crossed his legs to hide it but I opened my legs wider. And to make the situation better for him while he is having a hard on I started talking to one of the residents, her name is Belinda, and invited her to sit next to us and have a chat and some beer. She sat next to me so she doesn’t know what I am doing. I am so loving the looks on his face every time I open my legs for him to see my pussy. We had a really nice conversation with Belinda and I really had fun teasing him when someone is around. It is getting late and we decided to go back up to the room.

He was in such a hurry and we weren’t even fully in the hotel room and he started touching me already. We are both feeling so horny and went straight into the bedroom. I laid on the bed, opened my legs and my whole body is stirring in pleasure as he slide his fingers inside, the balls moved and I am so turned on I lifted my ass up so he can push in deeper. As I am feeling so hot and so aroused with what he was doing it was doubled when he went down on me. All at the same time, the balls and his fingers inside me and his tongue licking my clit. I let a loud moan out as I grabbed his hair and pushed my pussy onto his mouth. I am getting rough and literally fucking his face when he pulled his head back stood up held both my legs and pulled me to the corner of the bed. He slid his cock inside me slowly before I could even utter the words fuck me. He slide in slowly and deep, his thrusts then get faster and as he slides in and out I can feel the balls vibrating inside. My whole body was in total bliss, and I can see the equal pleasure he was getting from the balls inside me. It didn’t take long until I came. He lifted both my legs high up and rested them on his shoulder and pounded me fast until he exploded inside me. He then laid down next to me with our hearts beating fast. After catching our breath I went on top, my ass right next to his face and squeezed the balls out. (Next adventure: YONI MASSAGE)





VBI have always been experimental about my sexuality. Making love and fucking to me is not just an act of physical, mental and emotional union. To me it is like a food and I like it hot and spicy, a game or extreme sports. I can make myself cum better than my man but it is always best when he makes me cum or we cum together. I love making love and fucking and I always find time to read and explore for ways to keep the sexual part of our relationship at its peak for both our satisfaction. One day my man and I are surfing the net looking for some toys to buy and try we came across these round things called Venus Balls. I got very curious about it and how it would feel inside. I first did some research and read reviews about it and finally decided to give it a try.

We ordered two sets and they arrived in a pouch. When I opened it, four glistening black balls, one set is bigger and a bit heavier than the other set. I read that it needs some lube to slide in easy, but I am already wet with excitement and don’t think I will be needing it at the moment. I pushed one ball it just past my pussy hole. I was surprised, I honestly can’t feel it inside me. I decided to stand up and have a little walk around the house and it felt like there was really nothing inside me at all. I was a bit disappointed, however, I just put it in and decided to put in the second ball. After the second ball was in that was when I felt that there’s something inside me. I felt vaginally full. I stood up and did some housework with them in and with my movements I can really feel the weight of it. Each time I moved the balls created slight vibrations. Think it funny but it felt like I have an internal cock moving in inside me. I found them pleasurable and sexually stimulating, though not enough to bring me to orgasm I loved it and thought of doing a lot of naughty things with it with my man. Venus balls are one of my favourite sex toys at the moment. It started out as two sets of glass balls and after a few months we decided to get more and try heavier magnetic and metal balls. (Next adventure: VENUS BALLS: PART 2)


1To all my readers, I apologise for not posting blogs in the past weeks. I have been out with my man on a holiday. I will post new blogs this weekend about my latest adventures. I appreciate all your comments and I am happy to share my journey.



5Different people have different sexual preferences and a lot of people get sexual pleasures in a variety of ways. I have a friend who gets really turned on seeing a woman in a nurse’s uniform, my work mate gets sexually aroused seeing armpits. My man has a foot fetish and gets hard in a snap of a finger when he sees my feet and toes painted red. I get turned on seeing my man in pain, tied, plugged, whipped and edged. The height of sexual satisfaction I get from it is unexplainable. As my man and I progress in our relationship every day we get to find out what turns us both on sexually. Constant communication is very important for us and understanding what is sexually arousing for us both. It took me a lot of courage when I first told him I wanted strings, then a paddle, cock age, then I wanted a whip, then a flog, then a ball stretcher, a cock plug and all other sorts of toys that would inflict a certain degree of pain. Recalling back to the time I first tied his cock with a string. He was sitting on the sofa and I have three lengths string in my hand. I knelt in front of him and tied the first length of string around the head of his cock then the second around the back of his neck, I pulled and stretched his balls and then tied the third piece of string around them, seeing him in this position was so sexy to me. The next thing I did was put the strings in between my nails and ran it up and down creating subtle vibrations running through the string into his cock and balls. Seeing him squirm every time I do it makes my pussy drip.


Of all the toys we have the cock cage is one of my favourites. Seeing him wear it for the first time was pure pleasure. We were on a holiday and one afternoon and I put in on him. I started playing with myself, rubbing my hard poking clit as he watched, I can see that he is so dying to rub and touch himself but I told him not to and said “sit and watch” and he obeyed. My legs were wide open in front of him as he watched. My eyes were focused on his caged cock and I can see him getting hard. It was such a turn on seeing him getting squashed. I knelt and massaged his tight balls, he just keep on squirming like a little worm. I bent over and took both his balls inside my mouth as my tongue circled around them. He moaned when I stopped and I started rubbing him up and down, even with the cage on I can feel him getting harder and harder, I can feel and see the flesh of his rock hard cock getting squeezed out of the cage. I sucked him with the cage on, my tongue circling his head through the tiny hole at the end of it. I can see his cock turning purple. I know he is starting to feel numb as it gets tighter and tighter. And before he started to feel numb I took the cage off and gave him a good cock massage. (Next adventure: VENUS BALLS: PART 1)


PP1I have always known myself as a very gentle person and most of the time dreamed and imagined of erotic love making with oil and massages. However, until after that first sexual experience with my man, I came to realize that I have sexual sadistic tendencies. Feeling a little bit of pain on my side and his end excites me to a new level of sexual high I could not explain. I am scared somehow that I am mentally sick for thinking this but I cannot change the fact that I love and enjoy it. I love it rough, I love biting and being tied, I love hitting and a bit of mental and physical torture to a certain extent. It scared me at start that my man wouldn’t understand the complexity of my sexual behaviours. I guess he knew it at the beginning as I would always ask him to do it harder to a point that it hurt me, the point that I love that is followed by pleasure. We were not vocal about it but as our relationship progressed we both came to known and understand each other more. We discussed about trying different things to spice up our sex life and both laid our cards on the table the things that excite us both. If one doesn’t like what the other does we either forget it or come to a compromise.

I remember when he first tied me using a necktie. He was holding his blue printed necktie and told me to put my hands together, wrists facing each other. I can feel my heart beating fast as well at as my pussy as my hands are being tied. I was standing in front of him and did not expect that he would push me. I was a bit shocked but very excited I lost my balance and fell on my ass on the bed, he came to me and pushed my shoulders back I was now laying on bed with my feet still on the floor. He lifted my tied hands and put them above my head. I thought I would only have my hands tied but from his bag he took a blindfold, he lifted my head and placed the blindfolded me. He has not done anything yet but I can feel my body screaming from mental pleasure already. It excites me a lot not knowing what is going to happen next. He parted my legs, lifted my foot and started licking and sucking my toes. It was a bit of a ticklish feeling but the feeling of his warm tongue on my toes is turning me on. It wasn’t the first time he sucked my toes but this time he was sucking them mad and I, not seeing it is driving me crazy.

PP2He went further down leaving trails of kisses on my legs and as he reached my pussy he stopped for a while. I can feel his warm breath on it he was so close and I am anxiously waiting for what he will do next. I was thinking of many things that he will do when all of a sudden he ferociously went down on me. He licked me like there is no tomorrow, biting and pulling my clit clamped in between his lips. He parted my legs wider and lifted both up in the air, licked and sucked me bad. He will suck my clit and hold it for a while until it got tender and released. It was unexplainable pleasure to me and I love it when he does that. His lips moved upward, kissing my stomach, and then sliding down to my belly button. His warm tongue circled around and in it. He then roughly pushed me up the bed and went of top me. I felt his tongue on my taut nipple, circling around it and then all of the sudden he sucked it rough, I arched my body up, he moved on my other nipple while his fingers are pinching my other nipple.

His hand then went down and unexpectedly slapped my pussy with his hard throbbing cock. I was shocked but I loved it. He then stroked my pussy and rubbed my clit then roughly pushed his middle finger in and fingered fuck me hard. He pulled it out and pushed two fingers back in. As he pushed his fingers in and out I simultaneously arched my pelvis up and he push in deeper. He curled his fingers inside of me and made my pussy shudder, making me bite my lip to prevent from making a loud moan. My legs squirmed as he continued to twist his index and middle finger around my pussy. I love being fucked rough and my breathing becoming fast. “Cum” he said roughly as he stroked my soaking pussy, making me cum right there and then. I let out a loud moan as my entire body erupted in tingles, leaving me still with my mouth open. He lay down next to me and slowly untied my hands and lifted my blindfold up. I opened my eyes and I felt like waking up in heaven as looked into his blue eyes. (Next adventure: PAIN AND PLEASURE: PART 2)


Before meeting my man I have already prepared myself that it won’t be just a kiss and hug that will happen. Although I have used vibrators and dildos and came many times, I have never had any sexual experience with a man. I know how a dildo feels in my pussy but now is the time that I will know how the real thing feels. I was busy and focused on studying while my friends at 18 were busy talking about their sex experiences with their boyfriends. I was a bit late having my turn. Yes, I was a late bloomer when I had my first sexual experience think it cheesy but I call it making love instead. Well it was as I did it with the man I truly love and not with someone I met in a bar. I reserved that moment to the man who deserves it, to the man I love.

Here I am, standing in front of him, naked as he looks at me while he sits on the sofa. I walked slowly to him and knelt on the sofa with his legs in between my parted legs. He looked into my eyes and cupped my face as his hands went down slowly to my breasts. The feel of his warm hands made my nipples harder and harder as he squeezed them gently. He leaned forward and sucked my nipples like a hungry baby. I bent my body backwards so he could have more access to them. While he was busy pleasuring my body I was moaning, eyes closed and waiting for his next move. He cupped my pussy and as his middle finger found its way into my wet hole. His finger played inside for a while as he kept on sucking my nipples. He then held my hips and slowly lowered my body down to his cock. I knew then what was going to happen, he held his cock and rubbed its head on my clit. The feeling was so good I could almost cum him just doing it. He then positioned the head of his cock just outside my pussy hole, I can feel that we are both so wet. Both his hands moved on my hips and instinct told me to me lower my body so he could get it. Although I have played a lot using toys the size of him is nothing compared to it. He pushed my hips lower, I felt the head of his cock got in, it stayed there for a while. He looked into my eyes as if saying I am getting in and pushed in deeper. I knew it’s going to hurt, and it was honestly hurting but I did not utter a word. He pushed in a little more and the pain became more intense and it showed on my face. He looked at me and asked if it was sore and I nodded. He stopped and pulled his cock out, hugged me. I know he did not want to rush me into it and did not want me in pain. He lifted me up, we headed into the bedroom and slept and cuddled each other, but before I closed my eyes I looked at him and in my mind I said I will never let this man go no matter what happens, a man so full of love, care, respect and does not think only of his own pleasure.

56The next morning, we are still in bed I am half awake and my eyes were still closed but I can feel a pair of eyes staring at me. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw were these two beautiful blue eyes looking at me. He greeted me good morning and I reached to give him a kiss. We kissed for a while and his hands started roaming over my body. It was very early in the morning and this man is making me so horny already. He positioned himself on top of me and parted my legs. I can feel him rock hard cock on top of my pussy. His chest on mine, he planted kisses all over my face going down to my neck, in between my breasts and sucked each nipple. He is moving further down kissing every part of my body as he reached my pussy. I opened my legs wider, he held both my upper legs and pushed it forward and went down on me. Warm tongue circling around my pussy hole made me moan loud, his tongue running up and down over my clit while gently sucking. I am so wet I lifted my head up, grabbed his hair and pushed him more into my pussy. When he lifted his head up I saw my creamy pussy juice all over his mouth and chin. It was such a turn on seeing it so I pulled his head back down into my pussy until I came.

I so badly wanted to feel him inside me. I think he read what was in my mind and he moved up, opened my legs wider and positioned his cock right into my very hole. He leaned forward and pushed in deeper. I felt the tearing pain again, it felt like my flesh inside me was getting torn and with one gentle deep push he got in and stopped to look at me. It was painfully good, feeling him inside me, when he saw that I am okay he started sliding in and out gently. With every thrust he made I can feel pain followed by unexplainable pleasure. I love the feeling of pain and pleasure and every thrust he made gets deeper and it feels good. He slides in and out a faster and I can feel him ready to explode just when he was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and released a load of creamy white warm cum on top on my pussy and rested on top of me breathing heavily. When he finally caught his breath he stood up, went into the bathroom and came back with a warm towel. He put the warm towel on my pussy and cleaned me after. He went on top of me again, looked into my eyes and whispered, I LOVE YOU BABY. (Next adventure: PAIN AND PLEASURE: PART 1)


Panting, I couldn’t move for awhile then he moved up on top of me and gave me a kiss as I wrapped my legs around his waist….He went up, reached for my hand and led me to the shower. As warm water was running on both of our bodies he cupped my face and pushed me down to his cock. I do not know what to do, I have never sucked a cock before. Even though I have watched hundreds of videos of women sucking cocks I did not know how to start. Kneeling on the shower floor I looked up at him, holding his shaft I slowly put his cock in my mouth. First I sucked the head of his cock feeling its contours inside my mouth. I am unsure of how I would feel at that moment. I was torn with the the thought am I doing it right? Am I making him feel good? I must admit I did not like it at the start. Although I have tasted my own pre-cum many times and used to the taste of it, a man’s pre-cum it is different, not in a bad way, I did not like the taste at the start but loved it as I continued on sucking him. I am getting drowned by the water from the shower so he lifted me up and we showered together.

e23df3cbb9c270829956a32fa389192149d9a291086cbc05e248173cdf7842f4We went out to see a few of the tourist attractions nearby. He showed me around but even though I am enjoying the places we are seeing my thoughts are divided with what had just happened. He is showing me around the aquarium with sharks and big fishes but my mind is still in the shower and getting wet remembering the image of his tight balls and hard cock in my mouth. The day is almost over and I had a really wonderful day spending the time with him. I still can’t  believe that we are together having an amazing time. I am honestly still shy moving around the room with him. All I wanna do is sit next to him and feel him next to me. We had dinner and decided to watch TV. While I was concentrating and watching I cuddled up to him, his hands started moving towards the direction of my breasts and started playing with it. My nipples got hard immediately, he didn’t  say anything but kept on caressing and playing on my hard taut nipples as we watched TV. After a while he turned me around and lay me down on sofa, lifted my top up and gently sucked my nipples. I moaned as he bit and pull one of them gently. He moved from one nipple to another sucking harder. I sat on his lap and started kissing him, he slid his tongue into my mouth and then gently sucked on mine. I love the warm feeling of his tongue inside my mouth and the feeling of our tongues together. He then put both his hands on my shoulders and push me down gently hinting for me to go down on him. I pulled his shorts off and stripped naked in and knelt in front of him.

34I started by kissing the insides of his legs, running my tongue up and down. I heard him moan so I moved higher, I ran my tongue slowly in between his tight balls going up to the head of his cock. I stayed there as my tongue played with the underside of the head of his cock for a while before I put it in my mouth. Head first, I sucked it gently up and down, he was so wet and hard. I held his shaft with my hand rubbing him up and down. I can see the head of his cock glistening with pre-cum after I let his cock slide out of my mouth. I really don’t know how to do it right and in between sucking and licking his balls, I remembered one woman in the video I watched played on the hole so I did exactly the same and he seemed to love it. It was hard to concentrate while thinking of what to do next so I just did what I wanted to do after. I licked his balls again and sucked him and rubbed at the same time. I braved to suck him deeper but I gagged right away. I really love the feeling of his cock in my mouth and so I tried it again deep and gagged. I rubbed him faster while I sucked him and his legs started shaking, he told me not to stop, he held my head and fucked my mouth, one deep suck and I felt his warm cum in my mouth, I looked at him, into his eyes and swallowed. I stood up and sat next to him, I can almost hear his heartbeat as he hugged and gave me a kiss. (Next adventure: CHERRY BLOSSOMS)


3It took us almost a year before we finally decided to meet in person. With an excited heart, I packed my clothes for my flight the next day. I went to bed early but could not really sleep with so much excitement and a bit of fear at the same time. Although I have known him for almost a year, being a woman and going to a place alone where I know no one took me a lot of thinking and courage. He could be a bad person in real life but I followed what my heart felt and took the risk. I said to myself if I don’t go I wouldn’t know. So I decided to go and meet him with a heart hoping everything would turn out well. A ten-hour flight, I couldn’t eat, sleep or settle. When the plane landed it felt like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. I took a picture of myself, what I am wearing and send to him before I left and he did the same so we could easily find each other. I wore a blue sleeveless top black skirt and a cardigan and he is wearing a blue top and track pants. Few steps to the exit, I took a deep breath and walked out. My eyes roamed around as I searched for him, I spotted him immediately. We smiled at each other and my heart is beating faster and faster as I walked towards him. We kissed deeply and hugged each other tight. The smell of him, mix of cigarette and perfume is imprinted in my mind right away and I am so turned on by it. It was a memorable moment for me. The emotional attraction is very strong as well as sexual attraction. I can feel myself wet on the way to the hotel.

a20454085c4a20f0a8fb4966405c0530e08445346a715a08b7433bce373ef48eAs we arrived at our room we kissed each other deeply and wild, we headed to the balcony and talked while having a cigarette. The sexual emotions are getting stronger as we talked and brushed against each other as we start to go back into the room. We are still at the balcony door when he started unbuttoning my top as we kissed. As we head to the room lips attached he started taking my clothes off. Having no actual sexual experience with another person, everything that is happening at that moment feels so unreal. Even though I have played a lot with myself using toys and on cam, but believe it or not I have not been kissed or touched in any part of my body by any man until now. I sit on edge of the bed and he took my stockings and underwear off and started kissing my inner thigh going down to my pussy. A thousand volts of electricity flowed into my body as he goes lower. He is so close I can feel his warm breath on it. He started licking my clit gently I feel like screaming because of so much pleasure. He then ran his tongue in the inner lips of my pussy and then slid his tongue in and out of my hole. He pulled his a head up and looked at me I grabbed his hair and pushed him back into my pussy. He circled his tongue around it, sucked it a lot and gently pulled it. I went wild I pushed my pussy more into his mouth. I grabbed his hair tighter not wanting him to stop. His tongue circled and moved in every direction then he sucked my clit again a bit harder this time he won’t let it go and I loved it when he released my clit from his mouth. My legs are starting to shake as I felt myself getting close to cumming. Still my hand grabbing his hair I opened my legs wider and pushed my pussy more and more into his face like I am fucking it. I can’t hold it any longer, he gave my clit one long hard suck and I came. Panting, I couldn’t move for a while then he move up on top of me and gave me a kiss as I wrap my legs around his waist. (Next adventure: GOING DOWN SOUTH: PART 2)


1In an online relationship things can be a bit hard. The desire of being present by each other’s side is one. Our relationship is almost 4 years now and getting stronger through constant communication, thanks to instant messenger and skype. Sexual needs for each other is another aspect of our relationship that we had to work out online. I must admit that at the beginning when we started talking we both admitted that we are both sexually attracted to each other first before the “love” came in. I teased him all the time wearing short skirts without underwear while I do things around the house. I would get something making sure he sees my ass as I bend over. I will wear thin tops that will give him a glimpse of my poking hard dark nipples and will even make moves that will make my breast slip out of my top and pretend I am not aware of it. I know he is hard and I can see it on his face, the uncomfortable looks on his face as he tries not to mention that he has seen my breasts or ass. It turns me on a lot seeing him so turned on. One night I even asked him to show me his cock and I wished that I am there right at his front kneeling sucking it. He has the most beautiful cock I have seen online, cleanly shaved and I even saw the glistening precum coming out of his hole.

We did have “cyber sex” after a couple of days talking. I can always remember the first time. I am always horny especially in the morning when I just wake up. One morning I am feeling horny while talking to him, still in bed and under the sheets I secretly slide my hand under and started rubbing hoping that he won’t notice. I kept on talking while my other hand is down on my pussy rubbing my clit. When I thought that he is not paying attention or not noticing what I am doing he suddenly asked what am I doing and where is my other hand. I was shocked and was about to say something to change the topic when he said pull your sheets down. I pulled sheets down exposing my naked body under the sheets, legs open with one finger inside my pussy. I didn’t know what to do I was about to pull my finger out when he said keep going. I thought he would stop me, instead he told me to carry on.

I looked straight into his eyes as I continue, every time I slide my finger in and out I couldn’t help but close my eyes and let a little moan out. I asked him to take his shorts off and show me his cock. He stood up and I can see even with shorts on that he is so hard. He slowly pulled his shorts down and the moment I saw it made me slide my finger in and out faster. He started rubbing and I can see and hear his wetness as he rubs. I sat up and let him fully see my pussy as I rubbed my clit and slide a finger in and out at the same time. It was a very horny moment seeing him rub as I rubbed as well. I knelt and squeezed my breasts. I turned around and showed him my ass. I teased him with all possible ways I can as we both get close to exploding. I put my finger back in my pussy and slide in and out hard and fast, I was going to cum…I rubbed my clit hard and told him I am cumming, he rubbed faster. I couldn’t help but close my eyes while I listen to the sound of him rubbing. I looked into his eyes and said….I am cummingggg as my eyes slowly closed again I could feel my whole body shiver with pleasure as I exploded and he came at the same time. We both are breathing heavily, we go quiet and just looked at each other’s eyes after. (Next adventure: GOING DOWN SOUTH)